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Re: (native build & other issues - Was: xvfb not built on vax...)

David Brownlee wrote:
>       I was trying to help NetBSD be more consistant across
>       platforms; I asked about the change and listened to
>       replies rather than just going ahead and doing it.

I appreciate you asking - thanks.

>       There are quite a few 'MK*' and 'USE_*' variables that can

good suggestion - also thanks.

>       b) Groff chokes building certain .ps files - I thought Brad had
>          tracked that down to a hypot issue, what ever happened with
>          that?

mmm.  I found the problem but was unsure that to do.  My fix was to
replace the hypot() call with a "local_hypot()" which did the right
thing but did not cause an exception.

as I recall instead of doing something rational like SIGFPE the low level
hypot code signaled an error with an illegal instruction.

I guess I needed more guidance.  I can go back at it.  I was doing
native builds on a simulated 11/780 at the time and they completed
over night, so it was not hard to set up & test.

>       Can people please take a look at http://wiki.netbsd.se/vax

very nice!

I want to help Dave McGuire get netbsd going on an MVII some time in the
future.  I'm up the the 11/730, which makes me happy.  I thank I have
the parts to put together an MVII in my back room.


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