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Re: xvfb not built on vax and x68k?

} > On Tuesday 03 February 2009, Brad Parker wrote:
} >> David Brownlee wrote:
} >>>   any
} >>>   objections to making those two ports consistent with all
} >>>   the others so all NetBSD ports build the Xvfb virtual
} >>>   framebuffer X server?
} >>
} >> If it balloons out the build times I'd prefer not, at least on the
} >> vax port.  None of the vaxen I use have frame buffers.

     Just because you don't have a VAX with a framebuffer doesn't mean
they don't exist (yes, I do have one; although running a modern version
of NetBSD on it with X11 would probably not be feasible due to lack of

}-- End of excerpt from David Brownlee

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