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Re: NetBSD/vax kernel seems stable now


Still something very broken here.
I still crash at boot time, in readdisklabel()

I wonder if it might be when it's trying to figure out my second disk, which contains a VMS system, and thus don't have a proper disk label...? Those of you who have succeded in booting now, do you have any unlabeled disks in your machines?

Grr. I can't seem to break into ddb with serial console on a VAX 4000/90. I'd really like to set a breakpoint right before the statement that causes the trap.

It's at readdisklabel+0x8d, and the code there is:

netbsd:readdisklabel+0x7f:      *clrl   -(sp)
netbsd:readdisklabel+0x81:      pushl   r6
netbsd:readdisklabel+0x83:      movab   brelse, r10
netbsd:readdisklabel+0x8a:      calls   $2, (r10)
netbsd:readdisklabel+0x8d:      movl    *0x28, r7
netbsd:readdisklabel+0x94:      pushl   40(r8)

It would be interesting to check r10 here...


Matt Thomas skrev:
I fixed a thinko in the new softint handling code.
I also revamped the mutex code.

boot seems broken since it doesn't seem to be able to load kernels.
(i'm using a boot i build a year ago or so and it works fine).

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