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Re: NetBSD/vax lives again!

Matt Thomas writes:
> With my latest commit, NetBSD/vax seems to survive to getting to  
> multiuser.
> As part of the changes it that NetBSD/vax fully supports the new  
> world order
> and does fast soft interrupts (which most ports don't support yet).

On netbooting today's kernel on a 4000/60 I get as far as:

Starting file system checks:
panic: kernel stack invalid 0x841607f0@0x800984c4 psl 0xc004)
Stopped in pid 0.5 (system) at  netbsd: trap+0x372:     movl   $2, r10
db> tr
panic: kernel stack invalid %#x@%#x psl %#x)

at which point the stack really seems to be mashed as it says...
(more stack trace available on demand..)


Greg Oster

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