Subject: Re: Hooray!
To: John D. Peedle <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/09/2007 01:11:57
John D. Peedle skrev:
> If you really want to stick a finger in the air, why not cross-compile
> NetBSD/386 on a VAX... 8)

Might just do that for the hell of it, one of these days... :-)
But for now, I'm doing a build of /usr/src and /usr/xsrc for 4.99.19 on 
both my 4000-90 and my 8650. A little over two days into it now. The 
8650 have just started building the libraries, while the 4000-90 are 
deep in usr.sbin

Once I'm done with this, I'll run some benchmarks to get some more feel 
for the systems...


> Regards,
> John
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>> I've finally managed to build the whole distribution from start to 
>> finish without any hiccups. This is the first time in many years that 
>> has been possible.
>> Big congratulations, thank-yous and everything else to those involved.
>> Mainly Matt Thomas, I believe. We owe you *a lot*. This is the best
> news 
>> I've had in years.
>> Oh, and running "./ build kernel=GENERIC" took a little over 
>> four days on a VAXstation 4000/90.
>> Now perhaps I should take a new peek at our VAX 7000 machine... :-)
>> And I should fire up our 8650 and to an upgrade, and see how long that
>> will take to build it all. Weeks, probably.
>> 	Johnny
> Great news! Now whenever Slashdot posts a NetBSD story the usual
> detractors wont be able to sneer at NetBSD's portability by pointing to
> the inability to do a native build on the Vax. All I need now is to find
> some spare time to stick current on my VLC and see if Blaz Antonic's
> framebuffer driver is still working. Even if it is, it would be
> interesting to see how the code compares to the OpenBSD port of the
> driver - as the guys who did the porting claim to have made some
> improvements.
> Regards,
> Chris

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