Subject: Re: rescued microvax ii and cdc fsd disk yesterday
To: Kim Hawtin <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/2007 12:10:47
On Jul 1, 2007, at 5:04 AM, Kim Hawtin wrote:
>>   It looks like a very nice system overall.  I really, really like  
>> those
>> drives.  Good luck with the system.
> Ok, it powers ok, DC ok =)


> The little LED 7 segment display counts down from 9->3 and stays  
> there.
> I don't get any output on the serial lines on any known working serial
> cables =/ i've set my vt420 and the speed know to 9600 baud, 8n1
> I've been looking up info on how the interrupt switch or diag knobs
> work, but haven't found alot of stuff on the topic.
> I've got it set to the dot in the circle and the knob to the face,
> is that the right config to drop into the >>> as per info here;

   The display sitting at 3 is expected behavior.  The rotary switch  
in the "face" setting tells the ROM-based monitor not to auto-boot,  
but give you a ">>>" prompt.  I would suspect your serial cabling.   
There should be two ribbon cables, one wider than the other, going  
from the display/rotary switch panel to the CPU board.  The narrow  
one is the console serial port.  Make sure that's securely connected  
at both ends.  If that gets you nowhere, start looking at your  
external serial cabling.

   I have one of those little dongles like a null modem or gender  
changer, but has a bunch of LEDs on it.  Here in the US, Radio Shack  
sells them; they shouldn't be difficult to find pretty much  
anywhere.  Its one of the most useful things I own...if you don't  
have one, get one!  What I'd do with that in this case is insert it  
into the serial line somewhere, and look at the state of the RxD and  
TxD lines.  It doesn't matter if they're high or low in this case,  
but both of them should be driven (i.e., LEDs lit up red or green,  
not dark)...That'll tell you that your RxD/TxD matching is correct.   
If only one of them is being driven, insert a null modem into the line.

   Check that stuff and let's see how far you get.

>>   The 9715 shouldn't have stiction problems.  Well, at least I've  
>> never
>> heard of a 9715 having such problems.
> seems to have powered up just fine =)



Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL