Subject: my vaxstation4k/90 is alive ;-)
To: None <>
From: Wilfried =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Wei=DF?= <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/03/2007 21:43:00
Hy List,

after a long Period of inactivity my vaxstation runs now under
NetBSD2.0. But there are some questions. ;-)
First: I connected an old extern Apple SCSI CD-rom to my diva (my
VAXstation 4000.90 ) switch on the diva and after a >>>show dev command
the vax gives me the following screen back.

VMS/VMB ADDR Devtype Numbytes RM/FX WP   DEVNAM    REV
EZA0 08-00-2B-3F-8F-D9  
DKA0    A/0/0 RODISK 682.19MB   RM WP CD_ROM   1.8g
DKA100  A/1/0 RODISK 682.19MB   RM WP CD_ROM   1.8g
DKA200    2 "    "    "    "   "        "
DKA300  A/3/0 DISK     1.05GB    FX    RZ26B   0B04
DKA400  A/4/0 RODISK 682.19MB   RM WP CD_ROM   1.8g
DKA500  A/5/0 RODISK 682.19MB   RM WP CD_ROM   1.8g
..HostID.. A/6  INITRD
DKA600  A/5/0 RODISK 682.19MB   RM WP CD_ROM   1.8g

I inserted a multiboot cd-rom (Lehmanns Online Bookshop Edition NetBSD
2.0 from 12/2004 ) to the drive. At bootprompt i type >>> b DKA0. Yes,
the diva begins to boot.!!! But why i get so confusing information ??
Can anyone explain me that SCSImysterium ;-)?

Second question : you see the Harddisk of my Vax isn't really big. How i
can connect a second HD ( intern ) to the system such as IBM DDRS-34560
or SEAGATE ST34520. I've tested it with both Harddisks and >>> show dev
show's me nothing, only the screen above. A RZ28-E is being idenified. 
But you know how noisy these Harddisk is :-( 

So, that was my questions for the first time.
I hope my English was not so awful ;-)

mfg Wilfried

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