Subject: RE: Do the official ISOS boot on a VAX?
To: , <>
From: <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/17/2005 07:45:12
Debee Norling wrote:
> I was unclear in my last post. I'm downloading ISOS, then using
> ISORecorder to burn the exact image to CD. I'm doing this on a
> Windows PC and ISOS of NetBSD and other operating systems I burn in
> this way successfully boot on other platforms.   
> But when I boot them on a VAXstation-4000/90A
>    ....  Here's a console log of exactly what happens....

> >>>> b dka400
> -DKA400
> %VMB-F-ERR, PC = 00001350
> %VMB-I-STS, R0 = 000008C2

It looks like it is failing to read the CD properly:

$ exit %x08c2
%SYSTEM-E-FILESTRUCT, unsupported file structure level

I'm afraid I've not been following the thread in detail.
Are you sure that the CDROM you are using is set to
report 512-byte blocks (is it even capable of doing that)?
If this is a genuine DEC CD, then this is unlikely to
be the problem. The CDROM drives used in Sun machines
are also (often) capable of doing this.

In short I think your burn is probably fine and, assuming
that the original ISO is OK, your CDROM is most likely
to be the issue.



Antonio carlini