Subject: Re: QBUS MSCP SCSI project: can somebody help me about this bug?
To: None <"General Discussion>
From: Zane H. Healy <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/29/2005 16:09:56
At 4:21 PM -0400 10/29/05, 9000 VAX wrote:
>It is the "machine check 10" bug. I composed a page at

No idea on the problem you're having with the SCSI controller, 
however, I think I can answer your VMS question.  Since all you're 
wanting to do is test your hardware, you should be able to simply 
load VMS, and not actually need any License PAK's.  It's only if you 
wanted to actually use the machine to do something that you would 
need the Licenses.

Of course I'm not a Lawyer, and by doing this you might be violating 
something, I'm simply looking at it from the technical side of things.


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