Subject: OT:VAXen, etc available...
To: None <>
From: Christian Johansson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/21/2003 13:05:59
S=F6dert=E4lje Dataf=F6rening in S=F6dert=E4lje, Sweden has a few more
VAXen than we currently need. (As we are moving out)

We have found new homes to most of our smaller machines, left are
two 6000/400 systems (with loads of CPUs and loads of spare
cards), an 8600, an 8530, a couple of HSCs (40s and 70s). We also have
some Digital 9 track tape drives (SDI, mass buss etc).

Non VAX stuff includes piles of personal DECstations, some VT1000's some=

VT1300's. Two Solbourne S900 systems (768Mb RAM each one with 6 CPUs and=

one with 4 faster CPUs). There is also a CDC 4360(=3F) up for grabs
(complete with a 32 slot dual drive MO changer and two racks of IPI disk=

 with mpeg files ;)

We would like to part with this stuff as complete systems.

( If we don't manage to find anyone who would like these beauties, I
  think I know were to drop of the 8600 cards at least ;)