Subject: RE: How to remove drive with metal plate from H-bracket on VS 4k machines ?
To: , <>
From: Antonio Carlini <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/14/2003 09:28:52
> Take the front end of the drive and look for a plastic tab 
> about 3cm wide on the H bracket.  Press that down away from 
> the drive and the metal plate will slip forward and out 
> upwardly a bit. It can take a fair bit of pressure to unlatch 
> and slide it out of the H bracket, and may requrire 3 hands 

If that's the tab I think it is, it's there to be pressed so you
can get the carrier out of the enclosure in the first place.
The Options Installation Guide covers this on pp6-10/6-11.
Type "vaxop" into Manx ( ) and you'll
be able to get hold of a copy from the next (it's a later rev
than the paper copy I just looked at so the page numbers 
may not be exact).

When I described the procedure previously I was actually 
removing a disk from a carrier and only a small amount of
effort was required. Those carriers are probably harder
to get hold of and harder to replicate than the steel plate,
so it's worth taking a little care!



Antonio Carlini