Subject: Terminal settings (which termcap entry to use)
To: None <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/01/2003 09:15:13

I have WinXP telnetting to my VS running NetBSD (and PC running Linux)
using builtin telnet.exe. Upon telnetting the terminal type is set to
ansi but obviously WinXP and termcap disagree on their definitions of
"ansi" as bunch of stuff doesn't work correctly (scrolling up and doiwn
in joe, some control keys not working properly, etc.). At the time being
i set

export TERM=vt100 

to be able to edit files at the very least but this way i lost some
functionality in other areas (bash history for example). 

This very same telnet.exe seems to work reasonably well with Linux's
linux-c termcap entry (almost everything workds, except few things in
'make menuconfig' display wrong after moving around).

I was wondering if anybody else is using same or similar telnet (Windoze
version) and has figured out a termcap entry that will work as expected

Unretaled question: i got Philips 17T monitor which allegedly supports
sync on green (it has a toggle switch on the back) on its 5 BNC inputs
that can apparently function as 3 BNC. Before i rush and buy $38
DB15-BNC cable from website i found (which prolly has Mac pinout anyway
:-)))) i was wondering whether there is any point in hooking my VS to
this monitor at all: will this PC monitor be able to sync to 1024x864 (i
understand that they are able to sync on multiple frequency ranges but
docs afaik don't tell whether 1024x864 @ 60 Hz is supported or not) ?
Would this be of any use at all (i don't have DEC mouse or keyboard for
the VS) ? Is there a pinout for DB15 connectior on back of my VS3100 ?
(i checked VS3100 page but i didn't see the pinout

Blaz Antonic