Subject: Re: OT - Ultrix 4.5 netwrok installation?
To: NetBSD - VAX Port <>
From: Dennis Grevenstein <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/11/2002 02:31:00
Cthulhu wrote:
> Sorry for the OT, but only you can help me. :)

Oh, there's no problem. It's often a good idea to ask in comp.sys.dec
or comp.unix.ultrix too as you might still find some of the old DEC
folks there.
> I'have an Ultrix 4.5 installation CD, and a MicroVAX II without CD. I
> also have a Linux box with a MOP server up'n'running.

Do you have any other Ultrix box up and running?

> Is there a way to netboot the VAX with that CD to install Ultrix from
> the network?

Of course there is. The problem is that I can only tell you
how to boot the client from an Ultrix boot server:
/etc/ris      # for installation
/etc/dms      # for diskless clients

Check the manpages for ris and dms on Ultrix for more info.

> Or, is it possibile to generate TK50 media from that CD, assuming that
> the VAX has a TK50 and NetBSD 1.5 (MOP boot and NFS mount from the Linux
> box) running?

No, sorry. The kernel is configured differently for a boot tape.


Maybe we're just masochists, but some of us actually like Ultrix. :-)

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