Subject: Re: Questions about VAX 11/78x
To: Gunther Schadow <>
From: Tim Crawley <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/03/2001 00:39:11
> > The UNIBUS cabinet just seems to tidy up a lot of cabling, it can  also
> > contain a second BA11-K.
> I would certainly love to have the original cabinet with the matching
> blue stripe, but they are even more likely to have gone into the
> press by now, probably. I'll watch out for the BA11-K and will do
> some rackmount trick, or may be in another enclosure instead of an
> RA8x (that I really don't think I want.)

I am not sure what other UNIBUS cages there are out there, but I think
and UNIBUS cage would probably work. They seem to be prity self contained
and just paddle connectors. From memory only th 11/7xx and 8600 series
realy used UNIBUS.
How are you going with getting hold of a system cabinet? and/or backplane?

> > As far as the UNSBUS in my 11/785, I have a DEUNA Ethernet, SCSI Tape
> > Controller and serial cards (can't remember part numbers of hand).
> Anything SCSI seems like utterly unaffordable for the VAX, whatever
> bus it is, ebay prices simply skyrocket on every VAX SCSI adapter.
> So, I'll do without. Leaves me with DEUNA, a whole bus for one
> card! I won't cry if I don't get it

I am in Australia, over here last time I tried bidding on a uVAX II, that
completely crazy! When as high as $700 AU, about $1400 US.

> > MASSBUS I am not to sure of, but it is a CARD BUS, similar backplane
> > to the SBI. Yes, used mainly for storage. I have a MASSBUS disk
> > controller. I would love a RMxx drive or 2!
> Ohmygawd, yet another card bus! Where is that physically located? Yet
> another cabinet? What is the list of cards one can stick into the

As I  understand the MASSBUS on the 11/785 is just a couple of slots in the
card cage in the system cabnet, far right hand site.
The cards I have heard you can get for it are Disk/Tape controlers  and HSC.
MASSBUS is genraly perfered to UNIBUS for speed reasons as it is full system

> thank you,
> -Gunther
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There is some more info in the 11/780 and 11/785 Installation Manuals that I
have, that I can scan in if you are interested. Manly only things like
pictures of
the cabnets and layouts.
I just thought, you would need to source a LSI-11 console as well?