Subject: adding a SCSI disk problem
To: None <>
From: NetBSD mailing list <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/19/2001 15:33:12
I added a new SCSI disk a Fujitsu 9GB to my 4000/90
I Wanted to disklabel and newfs it to install a new NetBSD on it and
mount later the disk on an other 4000/90, since I Cannot install from
I actually disklabelled and did newfs using sysinst program.
Afer all this doing fine when I try to write on the disk installing the
binary sets with pax the system crashes suddently giving this error:

Soft memory error

The system crashes as well whatever write operation is done on the disk.
I suspect this new ULTRA 160 disk is not liked by the other two disks I
have (RZ25 and RZ29B).
All this is strange anyway since I can disklabel and write the
partitions correctly at first.
Perhaps it could be some SCSI loop ?
I had to install also a internal adapter to plug the internal scsi cable
to the new scsi disk.
But anyway I have no scsi errors reported at boot time.
All the situation is repeteable:
1) Disklabel and newfs works fine.
2) Writing on the disk causes the system to crash.

That is I Am unable to install NetBSD on it mounting it on my 4000/90.

Any Idea on how I Can install netbsd on it at this point?

Could I ask who built the latest vaxcd.iso  image to ask help to him ?