Subject: Free VS 3100 M38's and more!
To: None <>
From: Rick Copeland <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/2001 14:28:21
Dear NetBSD Vax List,

If you ever wanted to own a Vax 3100 here's your chance:

I have 12 ea. Vax Station 3100 M38's that I am giving away for free
provided you pick them up at my shop near Sacramento, CA.  If you want them
shipped please email me and we can discuss shipping and handling fees.  

All 12 VS 3100 M38 are functional and were part of a large NetBSD net
booted system I built.  All have at least 8 megs and SCSI interfaces,
however non of them have disk drives (remember this was a net booted system).

I also have the equipment listed below that I am giving away but because of
size must be picked up:

3 ea.  Vax 3500's with various cards (no scsi sorry) all have RA-70's.
1 ea.  Vax Server 3100

If you are interested please email me before 2/24/2001 on 2/25/2001 this
stuff hits the dumpster!


Rick Copeland