Subject: Re: EUREKA! My DECstation 5400 is a VAXstation 3520 Dual CPU!
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/09/2000 15:34:07
> > >Thanks for the great info Antonio.  I would love to get a BSD up on it,
> > >NetBSD if possible, but, if nothing else, then Ultrix.  Unfortunately,
> > >when I boot an Ultrix CD on it (B DKA400), it reads the CD, boots the
> > >kernel, then jumps to the start point and freezes.  I saw that McGuire
> > >or someone else in the group has had the same problem, a couple of years

> ULTRIX was definitely supported on this box since it was used to test
> the SMP support in ULTRIX V4.0.  The box uses the dreaded SII chip to
> do SCSI and while there is a SCSI driver for in NetBSD/pmax it sucks
> and needs to be rewritten.

OK, I may have a 4.0 tapeset around somewhere.  IFF I need to use tape,
e.g., TK70, what are the proper board settings for TKQ70 in it?  Is it
the same as was in the MV3300 line?  I changed my TKQ70 settings from
that to match the usual TKQ50 settings in my MVII when I was using
the TK70 in the MVII.  But, like a dunce, I forgot to write down the
original settings on S2.  If you have those settings, maybe I can
get the TKQ70 to work, and try booting the 4.0?

It was something like   off on on off off off off off for MVII
                        off on off on off off off off for MV3300
but I am not sure.  The addressing jumpers were the same, I think.

> The 3520 was also called the FireFox and was the only VAX developed on
> the West Coast.  It also has a built-in LANCE (le) interface in addition
> to the SII (scsi).  The Q-Bus controller/adapter was strange.
> It should be possible to get NetBSD running on it but it'll be one of
> more challenging hardware to write for.

Well, IFF I can get something up on it for a working platform for starters
I will see what I can spin up.  I may fail miserably, but then again....
anything is farther along than nothing.....