Subject: Help - need to identify/obtain a DEC cable
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/08/2000 21:50:08
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to reconstitute a VAX 4000/200 in a BA440 cabinet. The original 
owner had pulled and sold the CPU and memory boards but everything else was 
there. I have a replacement CPU and memory but I discovered something 
unexpected. I need a cable from the CPU card to a paddle card that connects 
to the DSSI backplane.

The BA440 has disks that plug into a holder that slides into a backplane on 
the top part of the cabinet. This backplane comes out in the bottom (Q-Bus) 
backplane as a two connector slot (in the CD area) that is to the right of 
slot 1 (ie before the CPU slot.) there is a steel cover plate over this 
slot. In the slot is a "paddle board" that looks like a q-bus board but has 
a 50 pin honda connector on it, a couple of regulators and some 
capacitor/resistors. In a fully equipped 4000/200 there is a cable that 
connects the DSSI connector to the 50 pin honda connector of this paddle 
board. I am trying to find out the DEC part number for that cable, and a 
source for said cable to complete the restoration. If you can help (perhaps 
you have a 4000/200 chassis manual with the part number) or a similar 
chassis that you could look at the cable for me, I would appreciate it.


(On an unrelated note I've got a 1.5Alpha snapshot build from 7/31/00 The 
ramdisk version of the kernel didn't build (the install kernel built but 
the miniroot.fs didn't) if anyone is interested I can upload it somewhere. 
I don't think it has the DEBNA booter but Ragge would know better than me 
on that.)