Subject: boot block help
To: None <>
From: Kelly Hornsby <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/06/2000 20:50:47

I'm attempting to debug my CDROM installation process and boot process on a
3100/M38.  The sysinst program runs all the way to completion (and the CDROM
boots just fine) but the system will not boot from the hard drive.

Where is a good tutorial on how to write miniroot and boot blocks under
NetBSD?  Or what files to store there, for that matter?   I want to try to
write the miniroot and boot blocks to see if I can debug this thing.  I get
the banner just fine (>>NetBSD/vax boot[DATE] and autoboot timer) which is
miniroot (I think), but I cannot figure out how to tell the OS to use netbsd
on dka0 and to start up completely.

Help!  Any wizards in this list to give some advice or pointers?

Any help will be appreciated.