Subject: For you all VS2000 fans...
To: None <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/25/2000 20:36:17
I have just checked in fixes to use the VS2000 MFM disks again :-)
(I must admit; this controller (HDC9224) is probably the worst disk
controller I've ever seen! :-) News is:

MFM disks should now work on VS2000/VS3100.
VS2000 SCSI DMA should be able to cooperate with it.

No floppy support yet, though. To get the floppy routines to work is
a story for itself... there is no obvious way to detect which type
of drive there is (RX50, RX33 or RX23) and not which floppy that is
inserted in it either.

Anyway, I have only tested the MFM disk driver a little bit and it
seems to work, even if strange things happen when there is heavy 
network load simultaneously. I would be happy if someone could test
the VS2000 SCSI DMA functionality.

A kernel is available at together
with boot programs.

-- Ragge