Subject: R400x
To: None <>
From: Recycler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/23/2000 17:21:53
I recently sold a VAX 4000-500.  It was the best VAX that I had, and am
sure that that is why it went first.

However, I still have an R400x for sale, as well as two channellserver
II's.  From what I have come to learn, the channellservers were for a very
specific purpose that is no longer needed, hence they are tuly "obsolete".
I am not a real VMS user or administrator, but the information that I was
able to gather on the R400x is as follows: 

DEC R400x
Dimensions: 27" H x 21" W x 17.8" D
Has castors
Bus details: Q-bus - 12 slots all Q/CD
Power supply: ? Nominally 1200W at 120vac single phase
Used in: VAX 4000 M300
Notes: Expansion version is the R400X and has seven drive bays
Image: (VAX 4000/300 in a BA440 enclosure): x/vax4000-300-ba440.jpg

It turns on and all 7 drives initiate, however I have not interfaced with
the computer and do not have a root password.  There is no liscence or
mauals, and no access to them.   A new liscence would probably be cost
prohibitive, but I understand some people are putting openVMS and netBSD
on these computers, both free, open-source OS's.

It weighhs approx 150#, and can be shipped FedEX C.O.D. with no problems.
The zip code where the computer will be shipped from is 47403, and
shipping prices can be retrieved from  Add
$40.00 US for packing supplies. 

If you are interrested, please let me know.  If not, I am sorry to have
botherred you.

thank you,
Nate Johnson

* HardwareRecycler
* used, salvaged, "obsolete", and hard to find computer gear