Subject: Re: VS3100 crash / machine check
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Wolfgang Rupp <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/04/2000 12:24:19
Brian Chase wrote:
> And not that's it's necessarily relevant in the particular case, but
> historically I have noticed strange behavior on my VS3100's if I boot
> between different versions and sometimes just slightly different compiles
> of the NetBSD/vax kernel.  If it's a warm restart from a halt, then I've
> often found the kernel to report errors with the cache (I don't recall
> whether it was the primary or secondary or both).  If I power cycled the
> system, everything came up fine.  So I think cache, once enabled, may be
> left in some inconsistent state between halts.

I don't remember, but it is possible that I halted the system to the
console and then rebooted without issuing an "init" at >>>. I always
wondered what good "init" at the console might do, anyway. (Not that
I knew if init resets the cache.) Fortunately there were no Machine
Checks since, and the system has been running for two days again -
with compilations, and all.

One of the two SCSI disks will be dead soon, it has already caused me
trouble. I *hope* there is no other hardware problem...