Subject: Re: VS3100 funzies.....
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/11/2000 15:46:29
> > 2.   When my VS3100 M30 or VS3100 M38 boot, on the mono monitors, VR-262
> > and VRM-17, it originally boots in a large font 36 or so line mode.
> > After the NetBSD first stage boot, it changes font to a 58 line or so
> > VT100 mode.  I like the automatic VT100 emulation, BUT, since I am
> > slightly myopic it can be difficult to read the 58 line screen.
> > Can the screen be operated in the 35 line mode that it originally boots
> > in, rather than changing to the microscopic font?  If so, how?
> Ultrix also does so :-) Ok, maybe it's not a bad idea, to use a different
> resolution. As i remember the sources, this should be not that great thing to
> do. If you know C a little bit, you can look at the font sources, generate a
> new font source file, and match the sources of smg.c (think this was it...) to
> know about the new font. Current resolution (chars) is 128x57. Maybe 64x36
> would be fine to read for you. This would result in a 16 dots / 24 lines font.
> The 24 lines per char should be no problem, just redefine SM_CHEIGHT in smg.c,
> but for 16 dots width, you have to modify the whole copy routines. They copy
> 1 byte per chat-line at the moment, you must copy 2 bytes for more width.

OK, I see what it is doing... Let me muck around a little in the code and
see if I can make something work.

Thanks for the pointers.