Subject: Re: VaxStation 3100 serial questions
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From: Jacob Suter <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/10/2000 15:56:51
If beauty and rugged service isn't a concern, just use RJ-11 and cut the
clip and the clip's base off...  a pair of side cutters does this job well
for me.

In a pinch (monitarally) I found a 2-pair rj11 cord that came with a modem,
cut it, modified the plug, and ran a 3100m30 attached to my PC for a few
weeks.  I then purchased a real DB-9 plug...  Personally I hate dealing with
small cheap stranded wire, and if I was building it again today I'd make my
own rj11 -> db9 cord out of solid wire (cat 3 or cat 5 will work for small
lengths, just make sure to put the TX and RX "together" (per twisted pair)
with a ground.  I once made a 100ft serial cable in this way and got a lot
of strange repeated charectors when I was using the same pair.

Good luck


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From: Kevin Ogden <>
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Sent: Monday, January 10, 2000 5:18 AM
Subject: VaxStation 3100 serial questions

> I recently got two VS3100's models m38 (I think).  I have no monitor or
> so I'll need to use a serial console under netbsd.  Does anyone know of a
> that still makes those funky MMJ-25pin cables?  Can they still be ordered
> DEC/Compaq?  If I could just get a MMJ connector I'd make a cable.  I'd
> like to get these machines up and running.  I appreciate any help you all
> give.  Thanks.
> Kevin