Subject: Can a DS5000 HD be formatted from a VS3100?
To: None <,>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/07/2000 15:22:30
I picked up a nice 1.5 gig Micropolis HD in cabinet, that I was thinking
of either putting on my VAXen or my DECstations.  I always like to lowlevel
any drive I pick up from surplus, on the VAXen, just to make sure nothing
strange goes along for the ride.  My DS5000/200 needs a boot drive so it
gets priority as the destination machine.

My question is:  Is it reasonable to low-level format, newfs, and build
                 the NetBSD fs on the a VAXstation 3100, and then move
                 the drive over the the DS5000/200 and just boot, or
                 should I just lowlevel on the VAX and totally install
                 on the DS machine?  I would think that it should be
                 buildable directly on the VAX, in NetBSD, as long as
                 the right bootblocks, kernels, fs sets, etc., were
                 installed.  Is that correct or not?

Any suggestions are appreciated.