Subject: Free VAX 4000-300 !
To: None <>
From: Matt Dobush <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/02/1999 11:01:59
After finally pulling the plug on this machine I hate to see it go to the =
big "Bit Bucket in the Sky" so I'm offering it FREE to anyone that will =
come and pick it up.=20

The Specs:=20
VAX 4000-300  (S/N KA117E4558), 32Mb of ram, running VMS 5.4
2 hard disks, 1Gb each & 1 exabyte 8MM tape drive external cabinet (lots =
of expansion room)
TU81 Plus 9 track tape drive
Vt320 terminals
Digital Remote services Console
Complete set of VMS manuals
All the interconnect cables for everything.

Everything is Free.  No strings attached.  I will not ship this stuff (too =
heavy & too much hassle) so you have to come to Northwestern Connecticut =
to pick it up.  I can meet after hours or on a weekend if needed.

As the system administrator for this VAX, the machine itself was incredibly=
 reliable.  It was working fine up until I pulled the plug a few months =
ago.  The disks are fine.  The machine & disks are original.  The 8MM tape =
drive was replaced at some point after it ate a tape.

Please E-Mail me directly with any questions since I'm not a regular =
subscriber to your list.  I can get the digital camera out and take =
pictures if needed.

-Matt Dobush
 Systems Administrator