Subject: re:Vaxstation 3500 Console Commands Available
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/22/1999 14:51:08
>I'm still trying to get this lovely machine to recognize more 
>than one SDI RA73 disk.  At this point, I still can't tell
>if the failure to recognize a second drive is a hardware
>problem, or a NetBSD kernel issue.  

As I recall you plug in disk one and it works if you do B DUA0;
if you separately plug iun disk two (with its own cable etc.) it also boots as

As far as I can see this is hardware. The RA7x drives can either be told their
unit number by the OPC (the panel on the front) or they can have it
set by switches somewhere. I'm away from any manuals or real hardware
until Thursday but I'll try to check then. If (when :-) I forget,
you'll have to prompt me.

>            The PROM id for this
>machine is KA650-BA v 1.2.  The PROM commands available
>do not correspond to those on the Hamster's ka650 page
>(  I suspect that
>this board has older E-proms than those discussed at 
>that page.

Yup. You need V5.3 or V5.7 or some such (see, I told you I wasn't near any real
hardware). What you have is an early vintage set of EPROMs that can only do
more or less what the MicroVAX II could do in terms of console commands. Later
on in the day they became much more friendly.
>In particular, although I can do "SHOW ETHERNET" 
>and "SHOW MEMORY", the "SHOW DEVICE" command results 
>only in ILL CMD.  Is there anyway to determine on 
>this machine what devices are recognized after the POST?

Well if 
works then XXX was recognised as a device :-)