Subject: Fsck fsck.
To: None <>
From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/29/1999 15:02:48
Well, the 3100 finally fell over.  In the middle of the kernel compile.
I halted, noted that the address was in the 8xxxxxxx range noted earlier...
Anyway, upon rebooting, I try running fsck over the filesystem.
When rooted from either the SCSI disk or NFS, fsck dies during Phase 1
with the message that the profiling timer has expired.  I am no longer able
to bring the system up, and I don't wanna fsck the filesystem any worse
than it already is, so I've stopped for now.  Am I just screwed, or has
anyone got any idea how to deal with this?

Oh, and the nature of the crash was a dead hang, as noted earlier too.