Subject: Cleaning My Room
To: None <>
From: Joshua Hulbert <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/15/1999 16:26:47
Hello All,

I will be graduating at the end of this quarter and moving several hundred
miles away from my dorm, so I need to minimize the amount of stuff I take
with me.  I have the following VAX-related equipment, free for the taking:

VS2000, with VR-160-DA, LK201, and puck-mouse.  I have the 3-meter long
cable for this one.  It has an RD-54, and a RAM expansion to 20MB IIRC.  I
know it boots and runs NetBSD just fine, but there is nothing on the RD54.

PDP-11:  I know next to nothing about this thing.  I picked it up for $10
at American Science and Surplus.  From what I could gather, it may have
been a terminal server or something.  It doesn't have enough RAM to load
an OS, but it has some funky ROM card.  If anyone is interested, I can
send the M-numbers on the cards in the cage.

Heres the catch:  You have to come get it, as shipping would exceed the
value of these boxes.  I live in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).
Again, if anyone is interested, I can send part numbers on all the parts.

Joshua Hulbert
Senior Electrical Engineer
Milwaukee School of Engineering