Subject: RE: TK50 woes
To: 'J.S. Havard'" , "'Arno Griffioen' <>
From: James Lothian <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/24/1998 00:44:33
If it's anything like a TK50, the take-up and supply reels are driven by separate
motors. The TK50 is pretty easy to dismantle; the only thing I think you have to 
watch out for is not to disturb the pair of ruler-edged rollers on either side of the 
heads, as the height of these is adjustable and removing them would disturb the
adjustment. On the TK50, the bolt-head on the underside of the supply reel motor
is accessible through a hole in the PCB on the bottom of the drive, and presumably
it can be used with a screwdriver to manually rewind the tape. A slow job, though :-)

Try dismantling the drive and giving it a good clean. This might help. On the other
hand, it sounds a lot as though might be some kind of problem with your supply
reel servo.


From: 	Arno Griffioen
Sent: 	Monday, November 23, 1998 8:38 AM
To: 	J.S. Havard
Subject: 	Re: TK50 woes

> I think my controller or maybe drive is broken.  I stick a TK50 in, press
> the button to load the tape, it just flashes.  However, eventually it will
> start to try to tension the tape, and it eventually just pulls the tape
> all the way to the take up reel.  In fact, I had one tape get totall
> ripped out of the cartridge when it happened.

I'm having the same sort of problem with the TK70 in my new 3400.

It won't unload :-(

I have opened up the drive and 'helped' it along.. I can then unload the
tape and after a powerdown/up it resets itself properly ('bleep' 'Click').

Loading a tape works, but unloading fails again :-(

I haven't taken it apart any furter, but perhaps someone on the 
list can tell me if the take-up reel and the cartridge reel are
driven bij separate motors or is some central motor/drive system

In the case of this drive I suspect there's a problem in the 
cartridge-reel motor. It seems to be very weak and unable to properly
rewind the tape. (tried different cartridges, same problem..)

							Bye Arno.

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