Subject: Re: US vs European PS requirements.
To: Brian D Chase <>
From: Jacob Suter <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/31/1998 21:40:56
> Exactly the same as in my VS3100/M38.
> This is mildly interesting as the label on the back of my case reads:
>            V ~ 100-120  A 3.0
>            V ~ 220-240  A 1.7
> ------------------------------
> V ~ 100-120/220-240   Hz 50-60
> A   5.8/3.2            W 348
> Will the real power rating please stand up!  Or are we talking power
> output vs power consumption here?  At least I'm now relatively certain
> that the VS3100's use dual mode power supplies.

I'm going to assume (we all know the story there) that the power raiting
on the back is the max usage if you connect a monitor to the second
power port..  the real specs of the power supply should be written
directly on the power supply, ie - 180W.  Which is less than any PeeCee
I have running right now...  And mom bitches about me wasting power with
my vaxes - her PC has a 250W PS in it, but not like it ever even pushes
it to 1/5 of its capacity :)