Subject: Re: TK50Z
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/1998 09:38:20
<   This is directed to the whole list. If you want working SCSI and MFM
<drivers for BabyVAXen, as well as the ability to boot directly from SCSI
<disks on KA410s, you should lobby Allison to read that posting and respon
<to it. I have archived it at <

Edit out the noise and get to the point I may read it.

<KA42/41. Writing this file may actually take only 30 minutes for
<programming and a few hours for debugging, but someone at DEC had to hav
<his/her manager allocate those 30 minutes and a few hours to this task,
<which that manager has refused to do with the oddity you are describing a
<a consequence.

Your knowledge of engieering and business is overloaded with emotion.
If a programmer did the allocation he would have commited several teams 
of people downstream as well.  Code was/is written tested, and documented
at that time inside DEC.  There is cost associated and project teams were
also tasked to meet time to deliver and cost to deliver.

<artificially block the loading of a driver cannot be classified as anythi
<but high treason and a crime against humanity.

This is mow a matter of business history.  Your rant has been duely noted
and is unnecessary.

<   BUT WHY NECESSARILY NETBSD?!?! If there are much better codesets aroun
<why not use them instead? As for the encumbered code, I have addressed th
<issue in the posting immediately preceding this one.

It sources are unencumbered by copyrights.  Since I'm not a corperation
or a educational institution the Berkley codeset is highly expensive 
therefore out of practical reach.  Now, if I were buying licensed code 
I'd look at the various commercial versions of UNIX along with DEC Unix 
and OpenVMS as their costs are about the same.  To me if I'm spending 
thousands of dollars for a license I expect current and fully supported 

Of those available OpenVMS and NetBSD are the only two choices where a 
legal license are available at no cost. Berkley Unix in any obtainable 
form is likely beyond resonable cost to be allocated to my projects it is 
therefor meaningless.

<useless because it's for Berkeley UNIX(R) and not for NetBSD, having a
<replacement system ROM for KA410 that allows booting from SCSI disks woul
<be extremely useful for everyone, don't you agree?

It's useful as is.  If you don't like the roms, rewrite the code from 
zero.  There is nothing to stop you.  Me I have other things to do.  
since the vs2k can boot from rx33/rdxx/tk50 and can still use the scsi 
to access larger disks there is little reason to bother with the rom.