Subject: Re: TK50Z
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Sokolov <sokolov@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/07/1998 22:43:54
   Jacob Suter <> wrote:
> Hell, on a 14.4k telnet its all the
> same if its a PPro, a K6, or a VS3100.
   This is absolutely right! This is the whole point of professional
> > still true that most people on port-vax consider VAXen a retrocomputing
> > diversion. I have seen lots of statements on port-vax like the
> > following:
> Most, yes.
   OK, so you agree that most people here do hobbyist retrocomputing. Then
how can their OS possibly be fit for professional retrocomputing?
> >    - "I wonder how long will it take to, say, compile Lynx on
> > NetBSD/vax? Two weeks?"
> 8 hours on a netbooted 3100m30...  took 10 on a 386DX/40 with its own
> IDE drive, but half the ram.
   Something is definitely wrong here. I use a 80386DX-25 with 8 MB of RAM
running DOS (means no swap), and although I don't have time to test it
right now, there is no way it could take that long. How much RAM did your
80386 have? Was it running UNIX or DOS? How was it swapping? How much RAM
did the VAX have? Was it swapping over the net?
> Lusers that want to crash your box will NOT give a DAMN what you're
> running.  You can hack/crash any OS on any platform if you know your
> shit.  NetBSD/VAX is security by obscurity in reality.
   I disagree. NetBSD/vax is very unstable (especially on BabyVAXen), and
therefore probably easy to crash, even unintentionally. You do something
wrong, and here it goes. Up in flames.
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