Subject: Re: MicroVAX 3400
To: Pasi Pirhonen <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/18/1997 17:13:28
On November 17, you wrote:
> I just tried to look one above today, but first mystical thing to me
> was the bootdisk of it as it's DIA1 and the DEC model is RF71, which 
> is in ULTRIX /etc/disktab, but i don't see any references in NetBSD/VAX
> FAQ or mailing list archives.

  The DSSI adapter on the KA640 is not yet supported by NetBSD.

> There is also another disk (RF31) on it, but 'SHOW DEVICE' doesn't even show
> that at all.

  That disk may be toast, then...

> My question is that is it even possible to install 1.2 or 1.3ALPHA to that
> machine?

  Yes, but you can't use the disks on the DSSI adapter...get an MSCP
disk subsystem (or something that emulates one) and then you'll be

> I know it's slow .... maybe even slower than my sun 3/60, but .... ;-)

  Shouldn't be as slow as a 3/60...I've run a KA640 here for a long
time (sorely in need of upgrading from 1.1 but I just haven't found
the time recently) and it's definitely useful.

                        -Dave McGuire