Subject: Booting VS3100 hangups
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Darrin Wilson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/05/1997 11:08:49
	Following Brian's HOWTO file, I have gotten our VAX to boot
up to a point:

: /netbsd
le_softc.sc_r2 = 0x3a0000
device: le0 attached to 08:00:2b:15:c2:74
boot: client IP address:
boot: client name: vaxen
root addr= path=/home/netbsd-vax
675840+35840+70136 start 0x98bbe
_  <- cursor...

	Any idea's or suggestions to try?

	At power on it displays "KA42 v1.3",  so I assume that means
it is a KA42 Cpu. It has 8Meg of RAM (woo woo) and two SCSI hard
drives, if the exact type is needed I'll get the info.
	I'd really like to get this dog booted, but its really just going
to be used as a toy, with 8Meg I don't see it becoming anything with
any real purpose. Also, I was wondering about the Video on this
machine. I was under the impression that it has an 8 plane video sub-
system?? (DEC technician talking in that foreign DEC lingo again)
I thought that I would have to boot it from a dumb terminal, but I get
nothing on the dumb term ever, so would it be correct to assume that
it isn't a Graphics station and that everything should be displayed on
the console just fine??

	And BTW, thanks to everyone for making this VS3100 project
work. It's amazing the things that can be brought back to life. I'll have
to mark this down as another reason why unix is better than WinNT.
I don't see WinNT running on the VS3100 anytime soon.

Darrin Wilson  (