Subject: Re: Success story + problems
To: Paul A Vixie <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/22/1997 11:36:14
> > ...uhh, so if there is a SCSI driver, how can you say that only MFM disks
> > are supported?!
> The "SCSI" port is only intended for TK50 drives.  I have personally
> witnessed the successful connection of an RZ55 to this port, but the
> cable was scrambled and the RZ55 roms had to be scrambled and in any
> case the Vaxstar could not boot from it.  (After this RZ55 experiment,
> the hardware and the bodies of the guilty parties were all airshipped to
> Area 51 and sealed in concrete.)  "Don't go there." 
	AFAIK the scsi port is a straight 5380 (obviously with its own
	set of supporting pecularities), and uses the MI NetBSD 5380
	code, so it should be able to run any scsi device once NetBSD
	has booted from another medium. Sounds like a gzipped kernel on
	a boot floppy is a real option here :)