Subject: Re: Stability of NetBSD/VAX
To: Boris Gjenero <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/11/1997 08:59:39
> Hello,
> I'm just wondering how stable is NetBSD/VAX supposed to be.  I've had
> some unexplained and bad things happen on my two VAXstation 2000s. 
> First of all, it seems that if junk (eg. a binary file, accidentally) is
> sent through the console port there is almost always a crash.  The
> VS2000 sometimes even reboots but then doesn't work right until power
> cycled.  I've also had panics due to filesystem errors such as corrupt
> directories.  This was just some filesystem on /mnt.  I've also just had
> fsck on boot crash the system repetedly until I booted into single user
> mode and fsck completed without finding errors.  Is this normal or is
> something wrong here?  Should things be better on a MicroVAX II?
The stability of the VS2000 port isn't good; at least if you are
doing heavy disk I/O to MFM disks. I think that it may work function
better if you have a SCSI drive connected. A MicroVAX II with 
error-free RA disks on KDA50 and DELQA are a much better choice.
The only configurations I have tried heavily are 11/780 and 8600,
and they are OK for production use. 

> BTW.  Yes, I know that this is a rather new port and support for VS2000
> is especially new, so I'm not trying to lay blame.  I'm just wondering
> if these errors are due to NetBSD or bad hardware or configuration.
They are almost certainly caused by NetBSD. There were a lot of new
stuff that had to go into the vax port because of the vaxstation 
hardware and everything isn't perfect yet.

-- Ragge