Subject: Re: VS3100 scsi -> VS3200
To: m.kangas <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/30/1996 20:26:13
On October 30, you wrote:
> I gather that NetBSD just ain't happening on the VS3100, but will work on
> VS3200s (65D cpu, I think). I can get my grubby hands on both.

  They're working on it.

> 	1) is it possible to yank the Qbus-SCSI card out of a 3100 and
> 	jury-rig it into a 3200? Would any (one) OS understand it, 
> 	and perhaps be able to boot off it?

  There is no Qbus SCSI card in a 3100.  There is no Qbus in the 3100,
either.  The SCSI host adapter on the 3100 is on the cpu board.  The
3200 is a very different machine.

                      -Dave McGuire