Subject: Re: Data on Lance and DSSI
To: Robin Birch <>
From: Marc Malagelada Duch <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/15/1996 23:12:10
Robin Birch said...
> I amm only a gnat's away from a working lance interface for a uVAX3400.  I am,
> as part of this, attempting to make sure that the interface code will handle
> as many vax stations as possible as well as the ka640.  In order to do this I
> need the hardware specs for the VS3100 series and the VS2000 series.

Good work! 
KA640 is VAX3500 isn't it?

> If people
> have these can they photocopy the appropriate pages, I'll pay for the
> photocopies

I have the VS2000 maintenance manual. I think this is not what are you 
asking about...