Subject: 1.2alpha on a 3400
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Robin Birch <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/24/1996 14:04:15
Dear All,
A couple of things.  Firstly does any body know if a TK70 is different, from a
driver point of view, to a TK50.  When doing copy to get the miniroot onto the
bootable drive the process hangs at the end of the read from tape stage and
I think, correctly pick up the end of file or something similar.  On a TK50
it steams
through nicely.

Secondly, when booting the 1.2alpha miniroot the system panics and goes to
db>.  It
happens right at the end, just before the question about which shell you
want comes
up.  Does any body know if there is anything in 1.2alpha that prevents a
load on a

Thirdly, I went back to 1.1 and did a little mucking about to get around the
problems that I had earlier.  Following the instructions I had unzipped the tars
on an ultrix box and dd'd them onto a TK50.  I then dd'd them off and I got
a set
of files that corresponded with the original tars as far as size was
concerned.  When
I ran them through tar, "tar -tf file.1" for instance, I only got the first file
listed, or I got a list of the names together with "skipping to next header"
Ultrix sees these tars fine.  Is it possible that there is something daft
with the 
tar that I've got in the 1.1 miniroot or am I misisng something?.


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