Subject: Re: help with kda50/ra90? no docs..
To: None <bqt@Krille.Update.UU.SE>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/08/1996 21:11:02
On January 9, you wrote:
> >On January 9, you wrote:
> >> Good. Also, to check if the drive is OK, press <TEST> <WRITE LOCK>.
> >> Doing this on a stopped disk checks some logic. Also try this on a
> >> running disk to do additional tests. They should complete with a
> >> display of "T 00" if everything is okay. (It might take a while...)
> >
> >  Ok, I'll try this in a few minutes.
> Do that.

  Ok, I tried reported "T 00" for the drive both running and

> >  Yup, got 'em both selected.  The display shows "AB".  Am I correct
> >in setting the drive to id 000, though?  A three-digit device id looks
> >weird to me, since the controller (the kda50 at least) can only talk
> >to four devices.
> Huh? *Three* digit? The RA90 is four digits...
> The KDA50 can only talk to four devices, yes, but consider the case
> where you have lots of KDA50's. It can be a bit confusing if all your
> drives use number 0-3. Which is which...?
> (I'm actually having that problem now, with a VAX8650 with four UDA50
> on it... I should recompile the kernel to use different numbers on
> different controllers...)

  Ahh...Sorry, I got confused...The Systems Industries arrays have
three-digit ids.  I did see the four digit id on my ra90.

> Do you get it to find *any* drives?

  Nope...Still no luck.  I even tried moving it from the "0" connector
on the kda50 distribution panel to the "1" connector, tried it again,
then tried it with the drive id set to 0001, still no luck.

  I would, at this point, start blaming blown hardware, but I get the
same results from two SI subsystems and an ra90, and two different
kda50 board sets, all from drastically different sources.  That's too
much of a coincidence for me.

  Incidentally, if I try to boot the machine from dua0 while closely
watching the LEDs on the drive (I'm pretty sure it's not bootable but
I just wanted to see if it'd try to execute a read), it sits there for
a few seconds and says "DEVOFFLINE".

  Does the "drive" identifier in the kernel config file actually
correlate with the unit id on the drive?  Meaning, if I have a "drive
9" configured in the kernel, will I have to select id 0009 on the
ra90, even though it's still on controller 0 at 772150?

  Sorry I'm being so clueless here...rl02s are no problem..even
rk05s...but these dang ra90s are too much for my brain. :)