Subject: Mixed Platform Network & Vax Q's
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Apprich <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/26/1995 20:57:31
	I had recently acquired a VAXStation 3100 M76 SPX unit w/ 2 209 
MB SCSI HDD (DEC RZ24's). However, there is no floppy drive in it. DOes 
it use a standard 1440K 3.5 in. drive or some variant?. the SCSI to FDD 
board has a 34 pin BERG male connector, so I think it shouldn't be 
non-standard hardware.

	Now for the relevant stuff. I have this VAXStation w/ these other 
systems and I have intentions of using BNC/rg58 cabled ethernet as the 
topology to bind the following:
	1 486 dx4-100 w/ 16 MB RAM & 1280 MB IDE HDD (508 MB reserved for 
alternate OS)
	1 386 DX-33 w/ 4 MB RAM & 240 MB HDD - used for gateway v.34 modem
	1 386 DX 16 w/ 5 MB RAM & 170 MB HDD

	(the 'little' systems I can mount extra HDD's for alternate OS)

P.S. Please don't flame me, I am new to this and most of all, i am sick 
and tired of the crippling limitations of DOS / Windows and floppy transfers.