Subject: Re: I'd like to try it out...
To: None <>
From: Andre B. Skarzynski <andre@VECTOR.CO.ZA>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/11/1995 08:32:43
Hi Tom,

> VAX 11/750
> 	-16mb RAM
> 	-4 processor boards(?)
> 	-TU58(?) tape drive (the little tiny builtin one)
> 	-Emulex disk controller (labelled UD3310401 00 REV D)
> 	-CDC XMD850 HD, addressed as DUA0:
> 	-DEC Ethernet adapter (and our building is supposedly getting 
> 		ethernet Real Soon Now[tm])
> 	-32 serial ports
> The machine is currently shut down, but it boots VMS 5-4 and runs
> reliably.  I'd be willing to take a bit of a road trip (from Rochester,
> NY) with my (very heavy) disk to install NetBSD, then bring the disk back
> and boot it up.  Is this something people would be interested in/willing
> to do? 

I have a very similar setup except I have a NEC and FIJUTSU disk drives. I have been
trying to get NetBSD going but with no success, It starts to boot, but traps when it tries
to load the kernel... I have been on the list but had no luck. If you get NetBSD running,
please give me a shout, and then we can compare system settings please.