Subject: Re: uda.c versus 3rd party controllers
To: Ken Wellsch <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/31/1995 18:02:05
> | Thanx, I'll incorporate these patches (almost) immediately.
> | Have you tried these cards with NetBSD? In that case I'll put
> | them on the known-to-work-hardware list.
> | -- Ragge
> Thanks!  I have not yet tried them with NetBSD (I encountered these patches
> again while struggling with a local group's uVAX-III and 4.3 reno -- I took
> a look at uda.c with the NetBSD source and noted the nearly identical match
> with the reno copy so thought I'd pass along what I had to tweak).  I will
> try soon to test these boards with NetBSD though.
It would be nice to know if there are any other problems with these
cards, but probably not, the driver hasn't changed so much.
-- Ragge