Subject: Re: booting an 11/750
To: None <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1995 17:43:40
> I will try and see if one can boot from the TU58... I think this could be an
> exciting project for me , I was beggining to stagnate... :-)

Update to my previous posting (still without looking into the sources):
In conf.c the device-driver supporting tu58 is not included. There are
null-entries for tu. Before trying to boot/load from tu58 these entries
should be converted into references to the rom-functions (cf. tms).

I'll check this later and I'll send the details tomorrow.

> Here is another problem, chalange. :-)
> A friend here at work has a MicroVAX II with no tapes, and he was wondering 
> if one could maybe boot a minimal netbsd from another VAX using MOP (used to 
> boot one diskless VAX from another... ok thes is a VAX/VMS farm here...)

Rick had/has two tools named floppyload/rootcopy which might support this.
I think I messed them up when I tried to merge them into racopy. Sorry.
If it's urgent, then rick's tools would be the best to try.