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Re: port-sun3/57741: sshd fails to open a PTY on NetBSD/sun3

> On Dec 1, 2023, at 12:49 PM, Jason Thorpe <thorpej%me.com@localhost> wrote:
>>> Category:       port-sun3
>>> Responsible:    port-sun3-maintainer
>>> Synopsis:       sshd fails to open a PTY on NetBSD/sun3
>>> Arrival-Date:   Fri Dec 01 20:45:00 +0000 2023
> Right, so the problem is that the install script that sun3 uses doesn’t add an fstab entry for ptyfs, which is required in order for openpty() to work.

Ok, well, more like:

- openpty() will still use legacy pty devices, if they exist, but will prefer /dev/ptm.
- posix_openpt() only works with /dev/ptm.
- The new MAKEDEV that's installed by the install script does not make legacy pty devices for "MAKEDEV all".

Seems like the best course of action is to have the install script put a ptyfs entry in the generated /etc/fstab.

-- thorpej

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