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Kernel config for Sun 3/50

I've set up a cross-compile toolchain to build 9.3 for my Sun 3/50. I am able to build a kernel and userland, but I'm running into the "kernel too large" error in pmap.c:

        if (cpu_machine_id == ID_SUN3_50) {
                hole_start = m68k_trunc_page(OBMEM_BW50_ADDR);
                hole_size  = m68k_round_page(OBMEM_BW2_SIZE);
                if (avail_start > hole_start) {
                        mon_printf("kernel too large for Sun3/50 %d %d %d\n", hole_start, hole_size, avail_start);

I've looked through old mailing list threads and I guess this limit has to do with the location of the 3/50's frame buffer. I can't seem to remove enough functionality to get a small enough kernel to fit below hole_start. Can a working kernel be built for this machine? 

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