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Sun3 workstation h/w available

We recently retired what may well be one of the longest continuously
running Sun3/60's on the planet; the old SunOS-based solaria.sol.net 
has been decommissioned and replaced with a virtualized host.

We've got a small number of Sun3 workstation chassis that were held 
onto as potential spares if problems arose.  Most of these haven't 
seen any significant amount of runtime.  If there's any interest in 
the retro computing/NetBSD/etc community, I'd prefer to see these 
units in the hands of an enthusiast rather than rotting in some 3rd
world dump to have their precious metals extracted.

I believe there's a 3/50 and several 3/60's in the pile, I can do a
bit of basic testing on them and check their exact configuration if
anyone is seriously interested.

Also available is a 3rd party drive enclosure that holds 2 5.25" 
SCSI (originally ESDI, IIRC) drives; am willing to provide this
with the needed DB50 SCSI cable and two 600MB Seagate Wren's to
an interested party.

I believe I may have some tape media (no drives, sorry) available.

Some original Sun3 keyboards are in storage but I don't know much
about their condition.  We also have one of the big mono monitors
in storage.  Probably mice.  Haven't used any of that stuff in at
least a decade, though.

If you have any interest, I'm happy to answer any questions or
inquiries.  The Sun3 series served us well, and they don't make any
gear like this anymore.  Contact me directly at


to discuss.

... Joe

Joe Greco - Systems Administrator                             
Solaria Public Access UNIX - Milwaukee, WI                         414/342-4847

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