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sun2/sun3/sun4c/sun4u emulator

Hi.  The new version of tme, 0.8, can also emulate an Ultra 1, and
on x86 hosts with a supported host OS, the SPARCstation 2 and Ultra 1
emulations will now do dynamic binary translation.  NetBSD 5.x seems
to run pretty well on the different emulations.

However, please remember that tme comes with no warranty.  Don't
trust it to do anything correctly.

  In particular, do not trust tme for floating-point work.  The
  m68881 and sparc FPU emulations may not be exact.

tme is meant to be very portable.  It should work on most Unix-like
systems, including on 64-bit CPUs.  Instructions on how to download,
build, and use it (including some screenshots) are at:


Many thanks to Izumi Tsutsui, for testing and the pkgsrc entry.

The code is still rough and the distribution isn't too user-friendly, but
if you follow the instructions carefully, and have experience installing
NetBSD on Sun machines, you just might end up with some emulated Suns.

Matt Fredette

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