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Re: 4.01 panic/lock issues?

jcarr%poethecat.com@localhost wrote:

> I know that when I was able to boot/use the INSTALL kernel, I was able
> to compile a kernel that would boot. Unfortunately, under heavy load (or if 
> I tried to run the pre-compiled pine from the 4.0 packages, for example), it
> would either panic or hang. I don't know if you happen to have a machine
> ready to go you can test that on, or I can certainly recreate it later
> tonight.

Hmm, I think 3/80 is stable enough. I didn't tried 4.x on it but
pkgsrc perl5 build worked on a kernel just before netbsd-4 was branched,
and upgrading 5.0_BETA and building toolchains (in ~3 days) also
worked fine.

There might be another 3/60 (or sun3, not sun3x) specific issue,
but exact panic messages always help for debugging.
Izumi Tsutsui

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